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Live on Less Than You Make

Created on Monday, 16 July 2018. Posted in Content/our blog

... Military career. During those Military years, they were cautious and lived within their means; they kept to a budget, knew where every dollar went, and meticulously saved for their eventual retirement. ...

Setting Financial Goals

Created on Tuesday, 08 May 2018. Posted in Content/our blog

... – rewrite our budget to reduce our discretionary spending by $600 per month Time-bound – goals should have a specific date. Without a particular date, goals are still dreams. Typical - pay off my mortgage ...

Personal Finance and the Serenity Prayer

Created on Saturday, 14 April 2018. Posted in Content/our blog

... view in focus and visualize the future that you want, you may be less likely to get distracted by current events. 2. Live on less than you make. Make a budget and stick to it. Give every dollar a purpose. ...

Signs You Need a Financial Planner

Created on Thursday, 02 November 2017. Posted in Content/our blog

... budgeting often enables you to handle large purchases. If you look to buy a first home or make another sizeable investment, understanding the overall effect on your cash flow, lifestyle and future goals ...

Our Fees

Created on Monday, 30 April 2012. Posted in Content/about

... value during this session. Cash Flow / Budgeting / Debt Pay Down Advice Basic Investment Philosophy / Strategies* Appropriate Retirement Savings Targets / Strategies Necessary Life Insurance, ...