Signs You Need a Financial Planner

Written by Skip Fleming.

Financial Planners Help Build Better Experiences

Sometimes it's hard to tell if you need professional help for a problem or if you can handle it yourself. Whether it's taking care of a common cold, fixing the sink, changing the oil in your car or doing your own taxes. The same question often arises about finances.

It happens all the time - financial questions pop up that you consider silly or stupid so you feel like you must handle alone and you don't seek help. This is not the best course. As happens often in life, not reaching out to a professional can delay you reaching your goals and cause you to incur more out-of-pocket expenses and lots of headaches.

Do You Have A Bad Financial Planner?

Written by Skip Fleming.

Red Flags that Should Make You Worry

A financial planner is supposed to help you keep your financial planning on track, but that is not always the case. Knowing how to properly vet a planner will save you time, money and stress.

If your financial planner doesn't keep you up to date on your plan, that is a bad signal. Is your planner contacting you periodically? Is your investment profile updated annually? Those are basic requirements – your financial advisor should be on top of those things.